Take the opportunity of Industry 4.0—Public Offering of Lion Advanced Manufacturing Equity Fund
Binhai Times

The recent soaring and crash in stock market shocked investors, while the real economy in China especially the manufacturing industry is recovering gradually. HSBC released that the final value of the Manufacturing Industry Purchase Manager Index of China in June was 49.4. It is higher than the final value of last month, 49.2, reached the peak since April 2015. The recovering of manufacturing industry corresponds with the unveiling of “Made in China 2025”, and manufacturing industry in China is moving toward the "smart" factories. Lion Fund Management Co., Ltd will officially launch a concept fund of “Made in China 2025”-- Lion Advanced Manufacturing Equity Fund for investors to take the investment opportunity of “Made in China 2025”. Investors can subscribe the fund through Bank of China and other major bank branches, security companies and direct sales office of Lion Fund Management Co., Ltd.


Lion Advanced Manufacturing Fund is a standardized equity fund, the net asset value of equity investment should be no less than 80% of the fund asset, and the investment of advanced manufacturing enterprises should be no less than 80% of the non-cash fund asset. An insider indicates that “Made in China 2025” is named with “China”, which reflected the close attention central government paid to the recovery of manufacturing industry. Developed countries also pay more attention to the real economic after the finical crisis; United States launched “re-industrialization”, and Germany launched the “Industry 4.0”. Developed countries launched recovery plan of manufacturing industry, which cause both challenge and opportunity for manufacturing industry in China. With the support of central government, Chinese manufacturing industry may take the opportunity to transform from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality and develop more advanced manufacturing.


The manager candidate of Lion Advanced Manufacturing Equity Fund is Liu Kui, the fund manager of Lion New Eco Equity Fund. Liu Kui was a fund manager with ten-year experience in security market; the New Eco Equity Fund he managed achieved remarkable performance in the bullish market during the first half of this year. The return of the New Eco Equity Fund achieved 78.22% in recent 3 months, ranked top ten of peer funds. The return since establishment of the fund is 86.6% , outperformed the 48.22% rise of the Shanghai Composite Index during the same period.


For the specific investment strategy, Lion Advanced Manufacturing Equity Fund has two aspects in investment strategy. In one hand, the fund manager employs both strategic and tactical asset allocation method to allocate asset, and invests assets with different risk characters to avoid huge loss in market based on the estimation of future market. On the other hand, the fund manager will aim at enterprises in the advanced manufacturing industry precisely with both top-down and bottom-up methods to obtain excess return.

Risk Hints: Fund investment is risky, investors should be cautious with investment. Please read Fund contract and prospectus carefully before purchase.
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