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Lion fund is qualified for QDII, RQFII, Segregated Account and asset manager of insurance funds that enable us to provide efficient , professional and personalized service for institutional investors. Segregated Account with all-round service schemes includes information disclosure, information service, regular investment exchange, professional training and creates unique product for certain investors based on clients' particular demand. The research support team in Lion fund has rich experience and goes through bull and bear market over ten years in this changeable market. Good cooperation with internal research platform and efficient teams through rigorous process connection give fund managers solid research support. Furthermore, all employees in Lion fund are committed to provide perfect service for investors.

In February 2008, Lion Fund became one of the first companies in China engaging in asset management under specialized account with the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.   Thanks to its solid strength, excellent performance, perfect risk control and good reputation, Lion fund's(Asset Management under specialized account) business develops rapidly.   "One-to-one" products: fund accepts the commission from special clients and act as trustee to invest for clients.It runs as private placement in some degree. And the original capital of this single client must be more than 50 million RMB.
In October 2009, several "one-to-more" products of the company obtained approval and were successively launched, covering different investment strategies such as individual share selection, thematic investment, flexible allocation, strategic selection, etc.   Advanced investment tools: the company has independently developed a series of quantitative investment tools that serve as an effective supplement to qualitative investment.   "One-to-more" products: Fund raise capital from more than two clients and invest by special accounts. It is the extension of "one-to-one" products. According to China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), single clients must invest more than 1 million RMB, the whole number of clients should be less than 200 in one product and the original capital would more than 50 million RMB. "Gold Lion" Series is one of segregated account products focus on local market. While "Rainbow" series takes active management strategy by investing in gold, futures and other derivatives in global market for cross market arbitrage opportunity.
    Outstanding capacity of Stock picking: through individual share selection, the company actively chooses individual shares with absolute return to fully avoid market risks.  
Risk Hints: fund investment is risky, investors should be cautious with investment. Please read fund contract and prospectus carefully before purchase.
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